Spots of blood when wiping 40 weeks pregnant

35 weeks pregnant and noticed some spots.
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  • 5 weeks pregnant and bleeding?? -.

  • I am 5 weeks pregnant 2morrow. i attended the hosp on friday as i started bleeding after a positive blood bhcg. they thougt i had imiscarried and
    Pregnancy - Wikipedia, the free.
    Pregnancy - Wikipedia, the free.
    28.06.2009  Best Answer: Is the blood bright red? I had an issue at 37 weeks where i was leaking a bit of bright red blood. There was no pain, just a few drops of
    Cervical Cerclage - procedure, blood,. Cervical Cerclage - procedure, blood,.
    Approximately 10% of pregnancies end in preterm delivery, defined as a delivery that occurs before week 37 of pregnancy (the average pregnancy lasts 40 weeks).
    hi my names tara, i just want to talk and get advice from you 5 weeks pregnant and for the last couple of days ive been passing blood and

    6-10 weeks pregnant possible miscarriage.

    Negative blood test...still pregnant? -.
    My LMP was around November 10, 2005. Ever since then I've been having headaches, backaches, stomach cramps, nausea & vomiting, sweats, nipple discharge, and CM. I
    Pregnancy is the fertilization and development of one or more offspring, known as an embryo or fetus, in a woman's uterus. In a pregnancy, there can be multiple
    I have been spotting for 2 days with a bit of cramping. I just returned from the hospital. This is what they told me. My cervix is closed (good news). They couldn't

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    Spots of blood when wiping 40 weeks pregnant

    Spots of blood when wiping 40 weeks pregnant

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